CNC-CT Courses

CNC-CT trainees are required (see bold below) to take TalkShop, SICSFLAGS, (both semesters).  

PSYC 5170-001- Professional Development (SICSFLAGS), Tuesday 1-4PM, BOUS 135 Marianne Barton Spring 2024
PSYC 5170-002-Professional Development (SICSFLAGS), Tuesday 1-4PM, BOUS 162 Kim Chaney, Alexandra Garr-Shultz Spring 2024
PSYC 5170-003-Professional Development (SICSFLAGS), Wednesday 1:30-3:30PM, BOUS A106 Alex Paxton, Etan Markus Spring 2024
PSYC 5500- Research Seminar in Language and Cognition (TalkShop), Mon 12:20-1:25PM, BOUS A106 Rachel Theodore, William Snyder Spring 2024