CNC-CT Courses

CNC-CT trainees are required (see bold below) to take TalkShop, SICSFLAGS, (both semesters) and the Clinical Connections seminar (Fall).  All other courses are “a la carte” for trainees to choose from to fulfill the training requirements.


Professional Development, SICSFLAGS (PSYC 5170-002), Mon 9-10 am, Gentry 142 Marie Coppola, Betsy McCoach Fall 2021
Research Seminar in Language and Cognition, TalkShop (PSYC 5500), Mon 12:20-1:10, BOUS A106 Rachel Theodore, William Snyder Fall 2021
Professional Development, SICSFLAGS (PSYC 5170) Betsy McCoach Spring 2022
Clinical Connections Practicum -Topics in Speech and Hearing Sciences (SLHS 6367-008 (11302) ),  Thursdays, 4-5 pm, HBD 147 Emily Myers & Inge-Marie Eigsti Fall 2021
Research Seminar in Language and Cognition, TalkShop (PSYC 5500) Rachel Theodore, William Snyder Spring 2022
Seminar on the Psychology of Language (PSYC 5568) Eiling Yee
SLAC Practicum (PSYC 5170-004) Fridays 9-12, Arjona 307 Emily Myers Fall 2021
Auditory Electrophysiology Erika Skoe
Research Seminar in Language and Cognition
Neuroimaging Methods Roeland Hancock Spring 2022
Time Course Methods Jim Magnuson TBD
Neuromodulation Techniques  contact
FNIRS Independent Study  contact