Guidelines for Reopening

Guidelines for the Aug. 15 Opening


The University encourages all faculty and staff to receive a vaccine for COVID-19. As of today, vaccines are not mandatory for employees; however, we continue to evaluate this stance as we receive further information. Vaccines are mandatory for students. See the policy and Covid dashboard and codes for further information.

Social Distancing

• Outside: Social distancing will not be required outside of buildings.
• Inside, for vaccinated individuals: Social distancing will not be required for students inside buildings including residence spaces, offices, laboratories, or classrooms since student vaccinations are mandatory. The same applies to vaccinated faculty and staff.
• Inside, for unvaccinated individuals: For their own protection, unvaccinated individuals — including unvaccinated faculty and staff — are requested to maintain 6 feet social distancing space from others when inside offices, classrooms, laboratories, and other buildings.


• Outside: Masking will not be required outside of buildings. However, we encourage those who are not vaccinated to continue to wear masks outside. In addition, individuals who are vaccinated may certainly continue to wear a mask at their discretion.
• Inside (general policy): Because vaccinations are not mandatory for faculty and staff and social distancing rules have been relaxed, we will still require masking inside buildings in an abundance of caution. This includes classrooms and laboratories, and applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff.
• Inside (exceptions): Exceptions will be made in the following circumstances:

  1. Individuals working alone in an enclosed space (an office, research lab, or area
    with a door or with dividers that are 5 feet tall or higher).
  2. Student dorm rooms, but not common areas.
  3. Meetings in enclosed offices where all attendees are fully vaccinated and can sit 6
    feet apart.
  4. Groups working in an enclosed space (such as an office or research laboratory)
    where all individuals are fully vaccinated and can work 6 feet apart.

Please note even in the above-outlined exception situations, individuals who are vaccinated may certainly continue to wear a mask at their discretion. We will continue to evaluate indoor masking guidelines after Aug. 15, with the hope that these can be further relaxed or eliminated as soon as possible.

Classrooms and Teaching

As previously announced, faculty and students will meet in person for nearly all class sessions, with limited instances of pre-established online and hybrid courses. Classrooms will be at full
capacity. With many international students facing visa-related delays, however, every effort will be made by our academic programs to offer virtual access to many classes. Having learned much during the pandemic about the use of technology for teaching, faculty are encouraged to use digital tools to enhance their face-to-face teaching when possible and where appropriate. Again, during initial re-entry, instructors are expected to keep their masks on in the classroom.

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