Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication — Connecticut: CNC-CT

While significant progress has been made in understanding the underlying mechanisms that affect communication in various conditions, and in developing assessment and treatment strategies, progress is slower than it could be because of significant gaps in training of new communication scientists. The current training plan seeks to fill these gaps by;


  • Providing targeted training in the cognitive neuroscience of communication disorders
  • More meaningful connections between trainees and the clinical populations they study
  • By preparing this generation of trainees with the necessary set of professional tools to conduct and disseminate impactful research.


  • Neuroimaging Methods
  • Auditory Electrophysiology
  • Time Course Methods
  • Neuromodulation Techniques
  • FNIRS Independent Study
  • Research Seminar in Language and Cognition
  • SICS Flags Professional Development
  • Clinical Connections Practicum

Upcoming Events

  1. 9/10 MRI statistical analyses methods, pain processing
  2. 9/13 ECOM Meet&Greet
  3. 9/18 Workshop: FreeSurfer Practical Workshop
  4. 9/20 Dev Brown Bag: Theo Waters, Ph.D.
  5. 9/20 Cognitive Science Colloquium: Marjorie Solomon
  6. 10/4 Dev Brown Bag: Sudha Srinivasan, Ph.D.
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WELCOME TRAINEES: Lee Drown and Hannah McNeil

Fall 2019 Orientation - Friday August 30th from 12-1:30 in the BIRC conference room, Phillips building, Room 141