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The CNC-CT pre-and postdoctoral fellows

Pre-doctoral Fellows:

Kelly Mahaffy (Mentor: Landi)
Rebecca Canale (Mentor: Eigsti)
Anne Marie Crinnion (Mentors: Magnuson & Myers)
Hannah Thomas (Mentor: Eigsti)
Shawn Cummings (Mentor: Theodore)

Post-doctoral Fellows:

Phoebe Gaston (Mentors: Magnuson & Myers)
Siu Yin (Silvia) Clement-Lam (Mentor: Hoeft)
Teresa Girolamo (Mentor: Eigsti)

While significant progress has been made in understanding the underlying mechanisms that affect communication in various conditions, and in developing assessment and treatment strategies, progress is slower than it could be because of significant gaps in training of new communication scientists. The current training plan seeks to fill these gaps by;


  • Providing targeted training in the cognitive neuroscience of communication disorders

  • More meaningful connections between trainees and the clinical populations they study

  • By preparing this generation of trainees with the necessary set of professional tools to conduct and disseminate impactful research.

Coming to CNC-CT in 2021...Teresa Girolamo is a Ph.D. candidate in child language at the University of Kansas. Her research focuses on the language abilities of racial/ethnic minority young adults on the autism spectrum.

Congratulations to Silvia Clement-Lam and her husband on the birth of their beautiful baby, Idris

Congratulations to Anne Marie Crinnion for having a crossword puzzle accepted by the NYT along with a nice write-up in UConn Today  


Ice Cream Social on the Storrs Campus


CNC-CT trainees are required to take TalkShop, SICSFLAGS, and the Clinical Connections seminar (Fall).  All other courses are "a la carte" for trainees to choose from to fulfill the training requirements. Click  to see CNC-CT courses, instructors and semesters offered

Upcoming Events

  1. 10/11 ECOM Spotlight Series: Charles Davis
  2. 10/15 Linguistics Colloquium: Miloje Despic (Cornell)
  3. 10/20 Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Salma Mousa
  4. 10/22 ECOM Speaker Series: Trip Glazer
  5. 10/26 Linguistics Colloquium: Artemis Alexiadou
  6. 11/15 ECOM Spotlight Series: Mengyu Hu
  7. 11/19 Linguistics Colloquium: David Barner
  8. 12/3 Linguistics Colloquium: Kathryn Davidson (Harvard)