Travel Guidelines for Booking Travel & Receiving Reimbursement


  1. Federal Sponsored Travel FAQ.pdf
  2. UConn Travel Policy
  3. Open Skies Agreement
  4. Guidance for Grant-Related Travel


  • Email Inge-Marie and Emily Myers for travel fund approval
  • Once it has been approved, and you are a postdoc or current fellow (in your paid year of fellowship) and you are NOT able to apply for an employee travel card, then the program admin will be booking your travel.  To this end, please email with details of your travel arrangements including:
    • your full name as it appears on your id/passport
    • your date of birth
    • phone number
    • preferred travel days/times
    • preferred departure cities if flying
    • preferred airline and frequent flier # (if any)
  • For conference registration, the log in credentials so that the registration can be purchased with a Pro Card

    If you are a GA, and not a funded fellow this year, AND you have an employee travel card 
    then you will book your own travel

      • You will need to apply for your own travel card and book your own travel with Anthony Travel by emailing and then reconcile it in Concur.  
      • Email Inge-Marie or Emily for the KFS account number to use for reconciling. 
      • If you have any questions about the process, please contact and they can assist you. 
      • Below is some helpful information to get you started:
        Single Sign-On (SSO) Login | Concur is setup with SSO login access, allowing you to use your NETID and respective password to access the online tool.  Access Concur by clicking this link, or directly from the Travel Services page.
        Concur Training Material | UConn specific Concur training material, such as: process/instructional documentation, FAQ’s (compiled from our various training sessions), Recorded Training Sessions, and e-learning modules – all can be found in the Training and Resources section of Travel Services page, or by clicking this link directly.
        Travel Card Training & Request Form | To obtain a University Travel Card, a traveler must complete online Travel Card Training, achieving a score of 85% (or greater), print your certificate of completion, and then complete the Travel Card Request Form (attaching the Travel Card certificate) which will automatically route for approval.  More information relating to the UConn Travel Card can be found at, from the Travel Card section.    

        The following training documents contains detailed instructions on Requests, Booking and Expensing travel in Concur.

        The traveler must Submit a travel request in Concur for approval for the total of their estimated expenses including the airfare.The Request must be fully approved prior to the start date of the trip.The traveler can request a Travel card to cover their hotel and other allowable incidental expenses, or they can choose to use a personal card.Here are some useful links to help along the way:


     Reconciling and reimbursement of expenses:

    • Any expense incurred out of pocket by the student such as Uber, taxi, foods, etc. will need to be reimbursed through a Concur expense report where they will list their out-of-pocket expenses such as meals or ground transportation. Make sure that you have receipts and justification for each expense. Gratuities over 20% will not be reimbursed**

    BDL Parking:  BDL has suspended the parking pass service, so you can pay for parking at the lowest cost parking lot available, and seek reimbursement upon return.